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The Capital of Media Arts (Changsha) Printing Industry Expo has come to an end, Weihai Printing Mach

2018-06-25 Font: 來源: 瀏覽:3909

2018 Central Printing industry expo was successfully held in Changsha from April 20 to 22. Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd was invited to the expo and 4 latest digital printing equipment were displayed at the expo, the exhibitor experienced the equipment at the scene, the printing equipment were widely recognized by the honored guests from all over the world.

Changsha printing industry expo is highly recognized by the printing industry. It is a professional printing exhibition that covers Midwest China. The exhibition hall is about 13500m2, professional audiences from all over the world has attended the expo to visit, join the exhibition and purchas related equipment. With the goal of promoting the development, innovation and change of the industry . the exhibition has gained fruitful achievement  and brilliant performance which attracted over 4000 professional visitors on the first day of the expo. Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. displayed 4 smart digital machines at the expo including LCF215 high-end roll to roll format laminating & die cutting machine, COLORFLARE high-end laminating & foiling machine, LP215 personalized digital label printer and ColorCut smart digital die cutting machine which opened and enjoyed the printing industry banquet with different printing enterprises and partners from all over China.

During the 3 days of the exhibition, our staff warmly introduced our products to the visitors and customers And they have a totally new recognition of the product, product function and quality of Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., many visitors showed great interest in the products meanwhile expressed a strong intention to cooperate with our company.

The goal for Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to participate in this expo is to build a bridge to deepen the connection betweenenterprises and partners, bring favorable policies for better cooperative experience. By attending the expo, our company not only improve the awareness of our products and brand, but also help the partners to better understand our company by communicating with people within printing industry regarding the development of printing industry and digital printing machines etc. products which better promoted the development of our company in Midwest China.

The 2018 Capital of Media Arts printing industry expo was successfully closed in Changsha while the brilliant story of Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is still on. We warmly welcome friends to come and visit us and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.