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Participated in 18th Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition

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The 18th International Wine & Spirits Exhibition Shanghai was successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on July 21 by 2:00 PM. This exhibition had attracted nearly thousands of companies from a number of industries such as wine and food, International hotel and catering supply chain and aluminum material etc. 

Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. had become a bright spot among enterprises by displaying small, but high end digital devices and perfectly designed and printed out finished labels targeted various industries.  Weihai Printing highly skilled staff was demonstrating those digital devices and offering on the scene to design, print and die cut labels for free, it attracted many business people from home and abroad to visit our booth and consult further information.  By offering our design to satisfy customer’s personalized requirements, we solved purchasers ‘difficult problems on the scene and reached purchasing intention.  We had achieved preliminary satisfactory results through friendly communication, positive negotiation with many relevant enterprises.  It is a bold attempt also a harvest journey for Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. From the exhibition, we had drawn a lot of experience and lessons also brought back valuable suggestion of customers.

Printing market in China has been envolving from a market dominated with long runs requirement into a more and more short runs and variable printing demands from customers.  Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been continuously transformed itself from an offset press manufacturer into a complete printing solution provider including offering offset printing presses, toner and inkjet based digital printers and post equipment, as well as offering design services and final printing products to our customers.  Our equipment is rated as high performance with low running cost, we sincerely invite international agents to representing our products in the world.